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How do I get started on AZ Capital?

If you want to invest in commercial residential real estate development with us, you can start here.



For financial return.

Made by investors, when investors receive equity in the firm in return to the investment provided.



For financial return.

Made by investors, when investors receive interest in return to the funding in the project. 


Passive Income

​BluSea Capital offers our investment partners the opportunity to leverage their investment in multiple ways etc: rental

properties into a passive monthly income, without the associated day to day management of such. Our experienced investment team thoroughly evaluates properties to find assets that have vast potential but are currently devalued due to poor management and others.



Our investment strategy centers on the acquisition and develop. Once identified, we aggressively act on

acquiring and improving the asset, with a proven property enhancement and management plan. With this improvement, it will increase the value of the property quickly (and at times, dramatically), while also producing a predictable monthly income, as well as favorable to our investors with tax advantages.

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